You can attend with your membership card to following lessons beg. 3.9.2018
Remeber to show your card at Mueve Club´s reception.

MONDAY  17.10-18.00 Reggeaton level 1
TUESDAY 19.10-20.00 Dancehall Queen Style level 1 & 2
WEDNESDAY  18.10-19.00 Latinmix level 1
THURSDAY  20-20.50 Burlesquedance all levels
FRIDAY 18-18.50 Street dance level 1

All the other lessons - special price for Lamk Sport members. 8€/hour

Don´t hesitate to contat Mueve Club by email: info(at)mueveclub.fi or call us during 12-17 on MON-FRI  0458058769

Welcome to Mueve Club