SIRPA AHONEN: Kettle bell fitness and Power Slider lesson

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I have practiced many forms of exercise regularly since I was very small.  My main sport, volleyball, was one which I played in teams for 25 years in addition to Beach volleyball in the summertime. I acted also as a referee in volleyball matches for 15 years and graduated as a volleyball coach at C-level, teaching enthusiastic girls as a career.

 Latino dancing has taken up a large amount of my personal time for many years and now also the MUEVE Club where I work as running this studio, too.

During all this time I have been a devout participant in gymnasiums and as a practitioner of various types of exercise have become acquainted with many different kinds of fitness programs and their effect on performance improvement as much in strength as in endurance. During my long career in fitness I have garnered enormous experience in different matters. I have for many years created different programs as well as for myself.  To add to my knowledge and ability I have also completed the FISAF basic course as a gym instructor.
I instruct the MUEVE Club kettlebell course.  During these sessions we focus on building muscle strength and developing greater endurance so that our body can better manage the day to day chores and keep our body in shape which is important to enable us all to better achieve and enjoy a healthy life. Everyone is welcome to my courses. My style is not to pressure anyone to work because working together we can increase our physical condition which will automatically bring us all greater satisfaction. 
I also instruct effective Gymstick Power Slider lessons. During these sessions we focus to practise with our own body weight with Power Slider.

Keeping fit should in my opinion be enjoyable, so that we can make it a part of our life-style.  This is the greatest goal I keep in mind. Welcome!

Sirpa is instructing in Finnish language, but can speak also English if needed.