JULIO NAPOLES: Latin and street dances (Cuba/Helsinki)

Julio Muratte Napoles (Cuba) is a professional dancer and teacher who has studied in Cuba, at the prestigious Escuela Nacional de Artesis (ENA) 2004-2007

He graduated from the ENA to a professional dancer and dance teacher. He has studied dance, music, acting and singing, but has specialized in a variety of musical performances as a dancer. He graduated from the student of one of the best rated as a dancer.

During the studies, he was selected to work with famous choreographers. He danced and work with various choreographers, such as Santiago Alfonso´s (Tropicana Club's director and choreographer) and Pancho González (Cuban TV Ballet choreographer), in their performances of different dance styles.

Julio has also studied at the Academia de Danza Contemporanea de NARCISO Medina, 2002-2004, where he studied with Cuban modern dance for two years before he applied for ENA, where he continued his dance studies.

After graduation, he worked for three years in one of Cuba's premier dance company Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba. There, while working, he has danced in several kinds of big events  for instantance Cuban band Los Van Van's, and Adalberto Alvarez y su Son's concert, which was recorded for their DVD. etc. 

To Julio's diverse teaching lessons belong all the Latin dances, modern dances and among other things  hip hop. Julio is also a qualified Zumba teacher.

Julio teaches both in Finnish  and Spanish, He also speaks English.

Julio was instructing weekly at Mueve Club during 2012- Spring 2016.  Now he has moved abroad and hopefully we will get some workshops in future if/when he is visiting Finland.