Aino Tervo ( dancehall queen style)

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In Spring 2019 Dancehall Queen Style classes are organized as workshops once a month. Aino has to concentrate on graduation and is unable to come to weekly lessons.

Aino has a diverse and long dance background. She has been dancing from 8 years of age to various dance types from street to jazz. Dancehall's Aino started at  dance school Bubblin 'Moves (Helsinki)  after moving to Helsinki in 2013 and since then it has been her greatest passion.

Aino has trained in dancehall both in Finland and in Jamaica at the birthplace of the best dancers in Jamaica and is a member of the dancehall Bubblin crew dancegroup with whom he has performed and competed successfully in various dance competitions.

Aino trains and dominates the dancehall queen style, along with twerking and dancehall unisex. The most important thing for Aino in dancing is pure and authentic dancehall technique and moves, attitude, expression and the feeling of good dance. Aino's strengths are precisely the clean, clear and smooth dance style and attitude and expression.

ps. Aino is the Dancehall Queenstyle Finnish Champion 2018