PLS. NOTE: If you can´t Finnish – you can contact by e-mail info(at) Remember IF you make reservations or cancellations – they should have been done as above mentioned times.
Tell your whole name and your mobile number, if making reservations tho e-mails.

IF you have a last minute cancellation (after free cancellation time) you should send a text message by mobile to number +358  45 8058769 

RESERVATION and CANCELLATION TIMES without a cancellation fee (10€)

The last REGISTERATION time for classes through the booking calendar  (VARAUSKALENTERI . at Finnish website) 

MON-FRI lessons  same day at 12 am

SAT lesson            Friday at 6  pm 

SUN lessons         Saturday at 3 pm  



the last time

MON-FRI same day at 11 am

SAT          Friday at 16 pm

SUN          Saturday AT 3 pm

 Late cancellation (after 11)  should be done via SMS to mobile  045 8058769.

 COURSES / WORKSHOPS separately ref. individually given deadlines.