Fabulous and special workshops in November

Kirjoittanut Sirpa Ahonen 01.10.2018

1)  HOOP DANCE workshops 
Wed 14.11, 21.11, 28.11 and Tue 4.12
Time: 19.30-21.00

1 x 90 min  20€
4 x 90 min  69€  (all workshops)

2) LADIES DAY on Sun 25.11
14-14.50 Hig heels  all levels
15-15.50 Bachata Ladies Styling level 1 & 2
16-16.50 Salsa Ladies Styling level 2

10,50 / 9,50€ per hour

You can already find these workshop lessons in "varauskalenteri" at Finnish Website

Don´t hesitate to ask more : info(at)

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You can attend with your membership card to following lessons beg. 3.9.2018
Remeber to show your card at Mueve Club´s reception.

MONDAY  17.10-18.00 Reggeaton level 1
TUESDAY 19.10-20.00 Dancehall Queen Style level 1 & 2
WEDNESDAY  18.10-19.00 Latinmix level 1
THURSDAY  20-20.50 Burlesquedance all levels
FRIDAY 18-18.50 Street dance level 1

All the other lessons - special price for Lamk Sport members. 8€/hour

Don´t hesitate to contat Mueve Club by email: info(at) or call us during 12-17 on MON-FRI  0458058769

Welcome to Mueve Club

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Studio opening hours

Kirjoittanut Sirpa Ahonen 26.07.2017

Opening hours
The next time the studio is open (doors are open):
Mon  15.40-20.00
Tue   17.40-20.10
Wed  17.40-20.00
Thu   16.40-18.10 and 19.30-20.00
Fri    17.30-18.00
Sun 18.11 12.45-19.20

Custom service by mobile  mon-fri at 12.00-17.00 o'clock 045 8058769 and always during the lessons.Not on holidays etc.
you can also send e-mail: info (at) - pls. note - emails will be read in the mornings and the late in the evenings - not afternoons or at studio opening hours


Pls. Check schedule and you can see our weekly lessons 

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Reservations and instructions

Kirjoittanut Sirpa Ahonen 25.08.2016

Our reservation calendar is located at Finnish website.

Before making any reservations pls. read  instructions:

CLICK "lue lisää" you can find instructions ( LAMK SPORTS STUDENTS)


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More information in English will be updated soon!