Salsa (Cuban style - Casino)

We will offer in our schdule as well as solo lessons as couple lessons. Solo lessons are also recommened strongly to all couple dancers to learn easier the body techincs  

Salsa solo basic level
 Will be maybe organized during spring season as a course

Salsa solo intermedia level
At this lesson you learn steps, rythm, bodytechnics which you need when dancing salsa. There is always a small coreography and you can feel as dancing all the time.  To attend to this lesson it would be good to know the basics

Salsa solo Ladies Style intermedia level

This lessons is including feminine movements in addition to basic salsa movements - also some decoration from other Latin dances.
You can feel like a lady during this session. We recommend you know salsa basic steps when coming to this lesson.

Couple salsa   intermedia
You can attend to thiss lesson if you have learned couple salsa basic steps.


Coupe salsa advanced
 This is for advanced students. The tempo is fast and you can learn more choreography and tricks during these lessons.

Note: you can come without your own partner to the lessons.