Reggaeton dance is one of the most popular Latin dance styles in the world, and now also in Finland. In latin countries this dance is the most popular among mostly young people, but in Finland and in Lahti  this lesson is for everyone! :)

Reggaeton music is rhythmic and it can be found in very different kinds of music. Music can contain a mixture of elements, or funk hip hop, salsa, afro, etc. and  this dance carries you along with an energetic tempo and very varied body movements.

We offer Reggaeton in 2 different levels.: basic and intermedia 
Every hour is a "teacher-sighted" and all the teachers  have  own delightful style.
We also offer
Reggaeton ladies style intermedia level  incl. a lot ladies style moves.

Reggaeton lessons are energetic and at intermedia and advanced lesson there  will be also a bit longer choreographies later in the season.  

 For these classes, we recommend people who enjoy  fast movements.