Sirpa´s kettle bell fitness

During this lesson you will exercise with kettlebells, fitness balls and in addition, practice moves just with your own body.  The session will focus on developing muscle endurance and strength, which are very important for the well being of the body and help us to stay the course in our daily chores. This course will strengthen the middle body muscles and firm up and improve your posture.  The course will involve a lot of repetition using small weights, but it is not at all out of the question to also use larger weights as condition improves.

This lesson is suitable for both beginners and others whatever their condition.
(The first everyone should attend to basic course/lesson before attending to mid advanced level to learn important technics you absolutey need avoiding accidents).
Everyone will be given the opportunity to listen to what their own body tells them and act accordingly. Gradually strength will increase and as it does, everyone will be able to increase their intensity as they wish.  Working as a group is effective and for most of us far more pleasurable than doing it alone.
Sirpa’s aim is that everyone can get into good condition and enjoy doing it so that keeping fit can become a way of life.